Few life events have the potential to cause more family disruption than a divorce. After all, if you are ending your marriage, you must adjust to a new way of life. You may also have some anxiety about future finances. If you share a child with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, though, you have a few additional concerns to address. 

When settling child custody and support matters, Michigan judges have a duty to determine what is in the child’s leading interest. As such, to better predict the outcome of your situation, you must understand how judges determine the most favorable option for the young one in your family. In the Wolverine State, 12 factors are relevant. These factors fall into three main categories: 

  1. 1.The parent-child relationship

Because the parent-child relationship is one of the more significant ones in society, judges often want to preserve each parent’s bond. Still, judges are likely to consider how the child interacts with both parents. Which one prepares food, provides childcare, facilitates education and performs other important child-rearing tasks is likely pertinent. 

  1. Each parent’s capacity

Judges have an interest in ensuring children have the resources and support they need to thrive. Accordingly, you can expect the judge to consider each parent’s capacity to provide for your child. Demonstrating your ability to offer a healthy and stable environment is likely to boost your case. 

  1. Each parent’s background

Every child should feel secure. Therefore, judges must examine each parent’s background to see if there are any potential safety issues. A history of abuse, neglect, criminal behavior or drug use may harm your custody matter. On the other hand, a record of responsibility is apt to improve your standing. 

While family law judges in Michigan must carefully consider each of the 12 statutory factors, they may also weigh other relevant information. Nonetheless, by understanding the intent of state law, you can better gauge your odds of reaching the outcome you most want. 

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