Whether you follow politics, enjoy finding new restaurants or simply love to engage with your friends and followers, social media keeps you connected. You are not alone. In fact, nearly 75% of Americans say they use some type of social media every day. If you are going through a divorce, leaning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another platform may seem like a ready way to escape mentally. 

Divorce can be both stressful and confusing. When your marriage is coming to an end, you may have a variety of questions you need answered. You may also experience a range of emotions. While you may feel a temptation to turn to social media, you must be careful with what you post. Here are three types of posts that may complicate your divorce 

1. Negative posts about your spouse

There is a reason you no longer wish to be with your spouse. If your partner is driving you crazy, you may want to post negative remarks about him or her to social media. Alternatively, you may think about deriding your lawyer, opposing counsel, the judge or the divorce process. Either way, negative posts are usually a bad idea. After all, even if you have maximum privacy settings, posts may become an embarrassing part of the official court record. 

2. Posts about your children

If you have kids, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must negotiate child custody and other matters. Because a judge is likely to consider the best interests of the children when settling disputes, you do not want to post something on social media that makes you look like an unfit parent. Even seemingly harmless posts can become problematic. Therefore, placing a moratorium on child-related social media posts until your divorce concludes often makes sense. 

3. Posts about your new life

Even though you and your partner are heading toward an inevitable end to your marriage, you should be careful with social media posts about your new life. Evidence of lavish spending, for example, may make you seem capable of paying more spousal support than you can actually afford. Furthermore, posting about a new love interest may encourage your partner to be more aggressive in court. 

Even though your divorce may seem to occupy virtually all of your thoughts currently, the process will not last forever. Eventually, you can likely resume your usual social media usage. In the meantime, though, taking a measured approach to social media is a better strategy. 

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