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If so, it is important to file first, and please do not wait, especially in difficult situations such as domestic violence, custody, property issues and move away cases. The party filing for divorce first is able to ask the court for relief in the form on ex-parte orders which can prevent an angry spouse from liquidating bank accounts, running up debt and removing children from the home. Do not wait to see our firm if you are contemplating a divorce so that we can sit down in our office at the first free consultation and discuss your case and develop a winning strategy.

Did you know that the parenting time and custody arrangements contained in your initial divorce or custody judgment are likely to stay in place and may be difficult to change in the future.

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Child custody law is based around an important idea known as the “established custodial environment.” An established environment is a physical environment where the child lives. An established environment also has emotional components pertaining to how much the child looks to each parent for guidance and discipline. Simply put, if you allow a child to spend most of his or her time living with your opponent, a court is probably going to stick with this arrangement in the future. Once this environment is established, the courts cannot change custody or parenting time in a manner that interferes with this environment unless there is a compelling urgent need to do so. As such, parenting time and custody are much harder to make in the future. Your best chance is to obtain favorable custody and parenting time provisions at the outset, which will be hard for your opponent to take away from you later on.

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A common error asserted by parents in divorce and custody situations is the mistaken assumption that they can settle “temporarily” and revisit custody and parenting time later on. For example, a parent will often believe he or she can settle a divorce now with limited parenting time, and successfully ask a court to grant equal parenting time when the child is older. Unfortunately, this approach is wrong because it fails to account for the establishment of an environment wherein the other parent spends more time caring for the child’s needs over a period for years. A court is not likely to change this arrangement several years down the road unless a compelling emergency situation arises, which is not usually the case. Contact our Roseville MI divorce lawyer today to learn more.

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